Over the years, OLLÉ AMORTIDORS, S.L. has been defining its own identity in order to achieve a finished product with first quality components which satisfy our client's requirements.

The continuous growth has let the industrialization of the company with last generation machinery. Three CNC lathes with two axes, one with three axes and another one with four axes, and a five-axe machining centre let OLLE AMORTIDORS, S.L. produce the 100% of the machined pieces which are used in the manufacturing of our rear shock absorbers and front fork suspensions, making possible a higher control of the technical requirements of each one of the components.

CNC is also used in the assembly: starting from the insertion of the gas and the oil and finishing in the assembly of the spring, all the steps are controlled by last generation equipments, which guarantee a final product accurate to our client's specifications.

Other identity features are,:

  • Assembly of bearings instead of silentblocks, making possible a better absortion of the impacts and the possible misaligments.
  • Use of polyurethane compression bushes, material with technical benefits much higher than traditional rubber band.
  • Crom-silicon Springs (Cr-Si), achieving the required benefits with the less possible weight, comparing to traditional steel.

OLLÉ AMORTIDORS, S.L. has a completely equipped vehicle for field testing of its products. This mobile workshop let the assembly and disassembly of shock absorbers and front fork suspensions, the modification of their components if its necessary and a damping test machine to check the hydraulic adjusting.

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